Wednesday 27th July 2016

Your personal tax account

Everyone can now access their personal tax information on the HMRC website. This can often be a much easier and quicker way to view information and tell HMRC about changes that may affect the tax you pay.

Currently, services include:

  • checking your income tax estimate and tax code
  • telling HMRC about changes affecting your company car
  • using the online forms available to claim tax deductible work expenses or tax that’s due back
  • seeing the progress of forms you have sent HMRC online
  • checking the expected level of your state pension
  • renewing your tax credits
  • telling HMRC about a change of address
  • registering for a paperless relationship with HMRC

Later this year, further services will be added, and you will be able to

  • view a tax calculation for the previous year(s)
  • make payments online
  • check employment history

If you employ people, you can make them aware of this service. Employees can make changes themselves online and don’t have to wait for their employer or HMRC to update changes. This should lead to employers dealing with fewer queries from employees.
You can register for a personal tax account at You will need your National Insurance number and your latest P60.


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