Saturday 27th May 2017

Chelsea beat Arsenal in prompt payments

Swansea lead the Creditsafe Premier League prompt payment table with Middlesbourgh matching them with payment terms of just 1 day beyond agreed terms. 

Chelsea have finished 14th in the table 3 places above Arsenal.  Could this be a omen for todays FA Cup? Or can Arsenal turn the "credit form book" upside down and come out on top of Chelsea?

With Arsenal hovering around the relegation zone with 23 days beyond agreed payment terms. The only consistency with the real premier league seems to be Sunderland who finished bottom of both tables.

According to the Federation of Small Businesses late payments are estimated to cost the UK economy £2.5bn a year. Overall, £26bn is owed to UK small businesses and 50,000 are forced out of business each year as a result.


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