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How do I appeal a late filing penalty for my tax return?

Almost 750,000 tax payers missed the tax return filing deadline of 31 January 2018.  On 1 February HMRC will issue a default late filing penalty of £100 to anyone not filing on time.  That’s a massive £75,000,000 in fines. more...

Why dentists may need to pay extra tax for their NHS pension

If you’re a dentist with an NHS pension, there may be an additional tax charge to pay if the value of your pension has increased over a certain amount.


Directors and Company Secretaries jump for joy:- How to get full National Insurance Benefits without paying for National Insurance

If you are employed and earning between £5,876 and £8,164 you are in the "Lower Earning Limit" (LEL).  This gives you the the full benefit of Class 1 National Insurance without paying National Insurance.